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Doulas, partners and family members work together as a collective that forms a super-team for the birthing person. It’s actually quite normal to hire professionals with expertise in areas that accommodate situations we are faced with – fitness trainers, accountants, party planners, etc. A doula’s purpose is not to replace anyone, but instead contribute to all that there is to take on. An extra set of hands almost always makes for matters to be easier!

Evidence-based research continually suggests that Doula care is directly correlated to shorter labor durations, less use of epidurals, medical interventions and significantly lower Cesarean rates. Doulas provide support to the birthing person, partner and other support people to help them achieve the best possible outcomes during pregnancy and postpartum. 

Yes. A Doula provides non-medical support while a Midwife is a medical-professional. A Doula and a Midwife complement each other very well and having both as a part of your birth team can help you achieve your birth goals.

Yes! Doulas support all types of births and can still provide support and ensure that the birthing person and the partner are well informed of options that are available to them.

Yes, happily! Please communicate if you’d like to discuss a tailored payment arrangement specific to your needs.

Yes! Please do your own research and/or contact your insurance company to find out the specifics to your personal savings accounts and how you can use it. A detailed receipt will be provided for your insurance company.

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